Show Your Support!

Through our fundraising efforts, the Meadowthorpe PTA is able to generate the money needed to fund all of our programs, events and school support.  Look below to learn more about the PTA-sponsored items and the fundraising programs utilized to support them.

Kroger Cards

Kroger has changed how organizations receive money from Kroger Plus cards and it is
much easier now! No more preloading money on your card. Just register your card online
and choose Meadowthorpe for your “Community Rewards”. It’s that easy! Please ask
grandparents, neighbors and anyone with a Kroger Plus card to enroll their card in
'Community Rewards' and select 'Meadowthorpe'. You can change your organization at
any time, by logging on to your Kroger Plus account. Don't have a Kroger Plus card? Stop
by the Customer Service desk at any Kroger store, in any state.

Follow these instructions to enroll your card:
1. Go to
2. Create/log on to your Kroger account with your Kroger Plus ID number.
3. Select 'Community', then 'Community Rewards'.
4. Enter 'Meadowthorpe' or the ID: 10195


Each time you use your Plus card, a percentage of your total sale is given to Meadowthorpe.

Box Tops for Education

Turn your shopping trip into an easy way to support Meadowthorpe!  Look for the Box Tops logo on products that you purchase.  Clip and send them in  - each one is worth 10¢ for our school.

How to stock up on Box Tops:
1. Many brands offer Box Tops on their packaging, including General Mills, Betty Crocker, Ziploc, Kleenex, etc. 
Simply clip them off the packaging and send them to school.

2. Sign up at the Box Tops website to earn Box Tops through 
games or even by shopping at popular online stores.  Sign up at  Be sure to make Meadowthorpe Elementary the school you support! 

3. Get friends and family involved!  Have them save Box Tops for you from brands they buy.

 4.  If your work place uses brands that have Box Tops on the packaging, ask if you can clip those Box Tops.

 5.  Keep a close eye on those coupons you sometimes receive after checking out at a store. Sometimes you may receive bonus Box Tops for buying certain brands.  Simply send in the coupon with the bonus Box Tops with your regular Box Tops.

You can either use the Box Tops collection sheets or send them in a plastic bag LABELED with your student's name and teacher's name.


Did you know your purchases can make a difference? AmazonSmile donates to Meadowthorpe Elementary PTA when you do your holiday shopping at

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We need your help making FREE MONEY for Meadowthorpe Elementary PTA. There's this new add-on for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox called Gumdrop. It saves you money while helping our project. Get it here.

Once you add it, every time you shop online:

1. Goodshop Gumdrop will search through more than 500,000 coupons/deals to automatically bring you the best discounts wherever you shop online.

2. A portion of each participating sale will be automatically donated to Meadowthorpe Elementary PTA for FREE!

To date, Goodshop has saved shoppers more than $100 million and raised more than $12 million for causes like ours. It's been featured by Good Morning America, Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and more!

Also, go to anytime you search for something online, choose Meadowthorpe Elementary PTA as your donor recipient, and $0.01 of each search will be donated to Meadowthorpe Elementary PTA!

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